Enable or Disable the Related Concepts Panel

The related concepts panel is shown on the right of the Find search page. By default, it is enabled for users without the FindBI user role, and disabled for those with the FindBI user role. You can disable or enable related concepts for either user role.

To enable or disable the related concepts panel

  1. Go to the Find home directory.
  2. Open config.json in a text editor.
  3. In the enableRelatedConcepts section, set a user role to true to enable the display of the related concepts panel, or false to disable it. For example:

    "uiCustomization": {		
    	"options": {
    	"enableRelatedConcepts": {
    	   "user": true,
    	   "bi": false
            "enableMetaFilter": {
              "user": false,
              "bi": true
  4. Restart Find to apply your configuration changes.