Change the Maximum Number of Documents Used to Calculate a Topic Map

The topic map shows a collection of related concepts that are related to the results generated by a search. The choice of related concepts is affected by the number of result documents that are used to generate them. A larger number of documents provides a more accurate reflection of the full result set, but a smaller number is faster to calculate.

The user can control this by using the fast-accurate slider in the topic map view.

The slider enables the user to choose any number of documents for the calculations, between 50 at the fast end, and a configurable maximum value at the accurate end. By default, the maximum value is 1000.

To change the maximum number of documents to use

  1. Go to the Find home directory.

  2. Open config.json in a text editor.

  3. Set topicMapMaxResults to the maximum number of results to use to generate the topic map. For example:

    "topicMapMaxResults": 500

    This example sets the range to be 50 (fast) to 500 (accurate).

  4. Restart Find to apply your configuration changes.