Configure Application Links in Find

You can configure Find to list some external applications in the navigation sidebar. For example, you might want to link to administrative user interfaces to allow your users to quickly access those applications, or you can link to other applications that are important to your organization.

You configure application links by using the applications.json configuration file, in the customization directory in your Find installation home directory. This configuration file contains the applications object, which is an array of application configuration objects. To add an application, you add an object to this array.

In the Find user interface, the Applications section in the navigation sidebar lists your applications in the same order that you list them in the configuration file.

When you configure an application, you set the name and URL to use for each application, and whether to open the application link in a new Web browser tab, or to use the current one.


If you belong to the FindAdmin role, you can reload the application configuration to make any configuration changes available to your users without restarting Find.

To reload the application configuration, you must send the following API call to Find directly, by typing the URL into your Web browser address bar. You must be logged into Find as a user with the FindAdmin role in the same Web browser, because Find uses the session cookie to authorize the action.


Where FindURL is the URL of your Find server.

This option also reloads any other customization configurations (for example, dashboards).

The following table lists the configuration properties that you can use for each application.

Property Required Type Description
applicationName Yes String The name to use for the application. This name is displayed in the Applications navigation section.
url Yes String The URL to navigate to when a user clicks this menu item. This value must be a well-formed URL.
openInNewTab No Boolean Set to true to open application links in a new Web browser tab. Set to false to open the link in the current tab. The default value is false.
enabled No Boolean Set to true to enable the application link and display it in the Applications navigation section. Set to false to hide the application link. The default value is true.

The following example shows a simple configuration for three applications:

   "applications": [
         "applicationName": "IDOL Data Admin",
         "url": ""
         "applicationName": "IDOL Admin (Content)",
         "url": "",
         "openInNewTab": true,
         "enabled": false
         "applicationName": "IDOL Admin (Community)",
         "url": "",
         "enabled": true

For this example, the IDOL Data Admin link and the IDOL Admin (Community) link are listed in the Application list in Find. The IDOL Admin (Content) link is not enabled, and so it is not displayed in Find.