The toolbar

The toolbar is displayed in the top right hand corner of your active window.

You can highlight a section of text in your active window to search for results that are relevant to this bit of text.

If you don't highlight any text in the active window, the toolbar searches for results that are related to the entire content of your active window. Whenever you switch to a new window on your screen, the toolbar turns dark blue to indicate that it is searching, and once it finds results the icons on the toolbar become colored.

Note that the toolbar only searches for related web pages if you move your mouse towards it.

Click on:

To display:

the AWE search box

related documents on your hard drive, for example:


a Word file

a PDF file

a PowerPoint file

an Excel file

a JPEG image

an email contact

an MP3 audio file

an email

an email attachment (indicated by a paperclip)

related channel results (relevant information from topic areas that your administrator has chosen, for example, news articles, web pages or video clips)


Click here to go to the toolbar in-depth tutorial.