Active folders

Active folders are a new, unique way of organizing information. Using AWE to automatically update their content as new information becomes available, active folders automatically organize information for you and assist you in the filing process. Active folders are just like normal folders. You can create them wherever you normally create folders, be it on your hard drive, in your My Documents folder or on your desktop.

Once you've trained an active folder, so that it knows what type of information you want it to store, it automatically gets smarter over time as it continually scans for new information and automatically updates itself. You don't need to remember a particular word or filename, if content is available, it is automatically brought to you without you having to even know of its existence.

For example, if you were doing a research project, you would create a folder and put some relevant files into it. Three days later, an email you receive on this subject would automatically be put into the active folder for you. Similarly, if some information that is relevant to your project was published on a website, a link to this information would be added to your active folder.

Active folders can store the following information types:

  • Word documents
  • PDF files
  • PowerPoint files
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Emails
  • Image files
  • MP3 files
  • Web pages
  • Video clips
  • News articles
  • Web pages

  • The active folders button on the search box allows you to create active folders :


    Click here to go to the active folders in-depth tutorial.