You have successfully installed Enterprise AWE !

What happens now?

  1. You will see this:

    The Initializing Index message means that AWE is getting ready to index the files in the folder that you made available for local searching. Indexing means that AWE reads files, so that it can later return them to you as search results.

    None of these documents ever leave your machine!

    This message is displayed until AWE is ready to start indexing your files.

  2. Next you will see this:

    The message changes to display the title of documents. AWE has started indexing your documents, and displays the name of the file that it is currently indexing.

  3. Next you will see this:

    The message changes again to display the number of documents that have been indexed so far. Once AWE has finished indexing, it will only index again if you add a file to the folder it is indexing from, or edit a file in this folder.


You can adjust AWE's indexing speed by moving the slider bar on the search box. AWE has three indexing modes:

  1. Stopped
    If you move the slider bar to the left, AWE stops indexing your documents. This means that no new documents are added to your index, and the performance of your machine is unaffected.

  2. Active/Inactive
    If you move the slider bar to the middle, AWE indexes your documents only when your machine is not being used. Use this as your default mode, once AWE has completed the initial indexing process and only needs to index new files.

  3. Fast
    If you move the slider bar to the right, AWE indexes your documents continuously. Use this mode when you have a large number of files to index. This may affect the performance of your computer, so you should use this mode if you are not using your computer for a period (for example, overnight).