A Boolean value that specifies whether to prevent OmniGroupServer from trying to retrieve groups for unrecognized distinguished names that are retrieved from group attributes.

Normally the KeyMember attributes of a group contain the distinguished names of the users and groups who are members of the group. To prevent OmniGroupServer from trying to retrieve information for unrecognized distinguished names, set this parameter to true.

If you set this parameter to false, OmniGroupServer attempts to retrieve information for unknown groups. This could include cases where:

When setting this parameter consider the value of DisableInitialGroupSearch. In most cases you should not set DisableInitialGroupSearch=TRUE in combination with DisableGroupFromDNSearch=TRUE.

Type: Boolean

If LDAPMode=USER, the default value is True

If LDAPMode=Group, the default value is False

Required: No
Configuration Section: LDAP Repository or Default
Example: DisableGroupFromDNSearch=True
See Also: DisableUserFromDNSearch