The class path to use for accessing Java-based repositories through a Java library. This parameter is used by all repositories that use the ogs_java library, for example Documentum repositories.

The value of this parameter automatically includes the value of the CLASSPATH environment variable. You can use the wildcard character * to include all matching files in the class path when creating the JVM.

You can set this parameter in the [Repositories] section and in the section for a job. When attempting to load a class or resource, OmniGroupServer first uses the value in the [Repositories] section. Only if the class or resource is not found does it attempt to use the value(s) in the job section.

Type: String

Windows: .;.\*.jar;.\lib;.\lib\*.jar

UNIX: .:./*.jar:./lib:./lib/*.jar

Required: No
Configuration Section: Repositories or MyRepository

In the [Repositories] section, set this parameter as follows:


In the job section, specify resources that are specific to that job:

JavaClassPath2=[ location]
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