OmniGroupServer can redirect queries to prevent performance issues or conflicts that might occur when an OmniGroupServer repository is simultaneously updated and queried.

You can set up multiple OmniGroupServer repositories to retrieve user and group information from the same source. One of these repositories can be queried while the others are updated. Use this parameter to ensure a repository is not updated while it is in a state that allows it to be queried.

This parameter specifies whether a task, defined in the [Repositories] section of the configuration file, is skipped when the datastore can be queried by ACI actions (such as GetAllGroups, GetAllUsers, GetGroups, GetUser, or GetUsers). Note that queries can always be sent to a repository if you use the action parameter Redirected=true, so it is assumed that Redirected=false.

To skip a task when the datastore can be queried, other than with Redirected=true, set this parameter to true.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: Default or MyRepository
Example: GroupServerSkipIfCanQuery=true
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