When OmniGroupServer retrieves group information for a repository and GroupServerNestedGroups is set to TRUE, OmniGroupServer resolves all group relationships. For example, if Group A is a member of Group B which is a member of Group C, OmniGroupServer can infer that Group A is a member of Group C. If a repository contains a large number of nested groups this operation can be slow.

To decrease the time required to retrieve and store group information, you can set GroupServerNestedGroupsByQuery=TRUE. OmniGroupServer skips the step of resolving group relationships when retrieving the group information. In this case, the datastore will only contain group relationships that were explicitly added, so OmniGroupServer instead performs additional processing when queries are performed with action=GetGroups.

Usually there is no need to set this parameter unless your repositories have large numbers of nested groups or it is recommend by IDOL customer support. This parameter has no effect unless GroupServerNestedGroups is set to TRUE.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: Default or MyRepository
Example: GroupServerNestedGroupsByQuery=TRUE
See Also: GroupServerNestedGroups