The DeleteUserFromGroup action is deprecated in OmniGroupServer 10.8.0 and later. Use the Import action instead.

The DeleteUserFromGroup action is still available for existing implementations, but it might be incompatible with new functionality. The action might be deleted in future.

Removes a specified user from a specified group in a specified repository.

Example Smith/MYCOMPANY/UK&Groupname=Group/MYCOMPANY/UK&repository=NT

This action uses port 4000 to instruct the group server located on a machine with the IP address to remove the user John Smith/MYCOMPANY/UK from the Group/MYCOMPANY/UK group in the NT repository.


Parameter Description Required
EncryptResponse Encrypt the output.  
FileName The file to write output to.  
ForceTemplateRefresh Forces the server to load the template from disk.  
GroupName The group that the user is to be removed from. Yes
Output Write output to a file.  
Repository The repository that contains the group that the user is to be removed from. Yes
Template The template to use for the action output.  
TemplateParamCSVs A list of variables to use for the specified template.  
UserName The user that is to be removed from the specified group. Yes


This action can also be achieved using action=Import. For example:

#USER MyUser
#GROUP MyGroup

This would be the same as calling DeleteUserFromGroup with the parameters


and then calling the action again with the parameters:


If a user is indirectly a member of a group then neither the DeleteUserFromGroup or Import action removes the membership. For example, MyUser could be a member of a group that is itself a member of NotMyGroup.