Retrieve Groups from Notes

This section describes how to configure OmniGroupServer to retrieve user and group information from IBM Notes.

To retrieve groups from Notes

  1. Open the OmniGroupServer configuration file.
  2. In the [Repositories] section, create a repository to store the groups. For example:

  3. Create a section to contain the task details and set the following configuration parameters:

    GroupServerLibrary The path (including the file name) to the library file that allows the group server to access the repository. Use the ogs_notes library.
    NotesServer The IP address or name of the Notes server in which the names database is stored.
    NotesUserIDFile The full path to the location where the user ID file is stored.
    NotesPassword The password for the user ID file specified by NotesUserIDFile. You can encrypt the password using the Autonomy password encryption utility.
    Database The name of the Notes database in which the security information is stored. This is usually names.nsf.

    For example:


    For a complete list of configuration parameters that you can use to retrieve information from Notes, refer to the OmniGroupServer Reference.

  4. Save and close the OmniGroupServer configuration file.