Retrieve Groups from Documentum

This section describes how to configure OmniGroupServer to retrieve user and group information from Documentum.

To retrieve groups from Documentum

  1. Open the OmniGroupServer configuration file.
  2. In the [Repositories] section, create a repository to store the groups. For example:

  3. In the [Repositories] section, set the parameter JavaClassPath to the class path to use for accessing Java-based repositories through a Java library. For example:


    The parameter JavaClassPath must be set in the [Repositories] section, and applies to all jobs.

    This example assumes that the ogs_java.jar and ogs_documentum.jar are in the OmniGroupServer installation directory (JavaClassPath1=./*.jar)

    The DFC (Documentum Foundation Classes) must be installed on the server, and the path added to the JavaClassPath (replacing DFC_INSTALL_PATH in the example above).

  4. Create a section to contain the task details and set the following configuration parameters:

    GroupServerLibrary The path (including the file name) to the library file that allows the group server to access the repository. Use the ogs_java library.
    Docbase A comma-separated list of docbase names for which you want to retrieve user and group information.

    The user name that OmniGroupServer should use to authenticate with the Documentum API.

    Password The password that OmniGroupServer should use to authenticate with the Documentum API.
    JavaGroupServerClass The class that implements the group server for the Documentum repository. Set this parameter to: com.autonomy.groupserver.documentum.DocumentumGroupServer

    For example:


    For a complete list of configuration parameters that you can use, refer to the OmniGroupServer Reference.

  5. Save and close the OmniGroupServer configuration file.

  6. To retrieve group information from Documentum, there must be a file in the OmniGroupServer working directory (JavaClassPath0=.). Create this file if it does not exist. The file must specify the DocBroker host and port as follows:[0]=