Retrieve Groups through a Connector

In some cases, you must use a connector to retrieve group information from a repository. This might be necessary when a repository has its own system for storing users and groups, and for describing which users are members of which groups.

In the OmniGroupServer configuration file, you can set up a repository and use the parameter GroupServerJobType=Connector to specify that a connector must retrieve the information. When GroupServerJobType=Connector, OmniGroupServer sends the SynchronizeGroups action to the connector. The connector then retrieves the group information and returns it to OmniGroupServer.

To retrieve security groups through a connector

  1. Open the OmniGroupServer configuration file.
  2. In the [Repositories] section, create a repository. For example:

  3. Create a section to contain the task details and set the following configuration parameters.

    GroupServerJobType The type of task that OmniGroupServer must run. To retrieve groups through a connector, set this parameter to Connector. This instructs OmniGroupServer to send the SynchronizeGroups fetch action to the connector.
    ConnectorHost The host name or IP address of the machine that hosts the connector.
    ConnectorPort The ACI port of the connector.
    ConnectorTask The name of a task section in the connector’s configuration file that contains the information and credentials required to connect to the repository.

    For example:


    For a complete list of configuration parameters that you can use, refer to the OmniGroupServer Reference.

  4. Save and close the OmniGroupServer configuration file.