Query IDOL Server with Security Information

If you have set up security, your front-end application must use the SecurityInfo parameter to add encrypted security details to queries . For example:

/action=Query&Text=accounts&SecurityInfo=[encrypted string]

The SecurityInfo parameter specifies security details for the user who is sending the query. The details are compared with the ACL field in result documents to determine which documents the user is allowed to view.

In this example, a query is sent to find documents containing the text "accounts". The query returns only those documents that the user is permitted to view.


For information about which actions accept the SecurityInfo parameter, refer to the IDOL Server Administration Guide. SecurityInfo cannot be added to administrative actions which can only be processed by IP addresses that you specify with the AdminClients parameter in the [Server] section of the IDOL server configuration file.

The encrypted securityinfo string can be obtained in the following ways: