Unmapped Security

In the Unmapped Security architecture, IDOL determines whether a user is permitted to view a document by connecting directly to data repositories and checking the user's security details against the entitlement information of the documents that matched the query.

The connection between IDOL and the data repositories is made possible by IDOL's unmapped security libraries.

The advantage of unmapped security is that the security information is current. The disadvantage is that IDOL Server has to connect to the original data repositories to check permissions for each result document. This means that there can be a significant delay between a user submitting a query, and IDOL returning its response. For this reason, HPE strongly recommends using Mapped Security.

Unmapped security is suitable for environments where the security settings for documents change frequently.

In some cases, you must also configure a group server. A group server is required because it is impossible for IDOL to retrieve group information from the repositories in a reasonable time. OmniGroupServer extracts user and group information and stores it so that it is available to IDOL immediately.