Configure Security Types

To configure security types

  1. In the [Security] section of the IDOL Server configuration file, set the SecurityInfoKeys configuration parameter to a comma-separated list of four random 32-bit integers (values between 0 and 2147483647). For example:


    These security keys are used to encrypt and decrypt the security string that IDOL Server generates for a user. For this reason, the values you choose must be identical to the values set for the same parameter in the configuration files of other components that require it (for example, the configuration file for the DAH).

  2. List the security types that you want to use. For example:


  3. Create a new configuration section for each of the security types. In each section, set the following configuration parameters:

    Parameter Value
    SecurityCode A unique number to use as an identifier for the security type.
    Library The name of the security library that IDOL Server must use to check the security settings of documents that use this security type.
    Type The security type. Specify one of the security types listed in Security Types.
    ReferenceField The name of the document field that stores the ACL for this security type. The default value of this parameter is */AUTONOMYMETADATA (by default, connectors add the ACL to the AUTONOMYMETADATA field).
    EscapedEntries Non-alphanumeric characters in a security string that is passed to IDOL are usually percent-encoded, but the names in the ACL are not. If the user or group names in the security string can contain non-alphanumeric characters, set this parameter to true. This instructs IDOL Server to expect escaped information, and ensures that the names are correctly unescaped to perform security checks. The default for this parameter for most security types is false; it is usually necessary to set it to true.

    For example:


    For more information about the configuration parameters that you can set to customize security, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.