The NTLM Proxy module

If you are experiencing problems connecting to a Web site that uses authentication, you may need to install the NTLM Proxy module. You can configure HTTP Connector to connect to Web sites using the NTLM authentication protocol via the NTLM Proxy.

To use the NTLM Proxy module, you must install the NTLM Proxy module and configure parameters in the HTTP Connector configuration file and the NTLM Proxy configuration file. The parameters listed in the NTLM Proxy help are used in the NTLM Proxy configuration file. The Proxy parameters listed in the Default section of the Configuration parameters help are used in the HTTP Connector configuration file.

Typically, a Web site using NTLM authentication displays a window for you to enter your user name and password. If the Web site that you cannot access is an internal Web site (such as a company intranet), you can contact your system administrator to determine whether the site uses NTLM authentication. Alternatively, open the Web site using a Netscape Web browser. If you cannot access the Web site using Netscape, the site may use NTLM authentication.

Entering Boolean values

Within the configuration file, the following settings for Boolean parameters are interchangeable:

TRUE = true = ON = on = Y = y = 1

FALSE = false = OFF = off = N = n =0

Entering string values

Some parameters require string values that contain quotation marks. Escape each quotation mark by inserting a slash in front of it.

For example:

FIELDSTART0="<font face=\"arial\"size=\"+1\"><b>"

Here, the beginning and end of the string is indicated by quotation marks while all quotation marks that are contained in the string are escaped.

To enter a comma-separated list of strings for a parameter, and one of the strings contains a comma, you must indicate the start and the end of this string with quotation marks.

For example:


If any string within a comma-separated list contains quotation marks, you must put this string into quotation marks and escaped the quotation marks in the string by putting a slash in front of them.

For example:

ParameterName="<font face=\"arial\"size=\"+1\"><b>",dog,bird,"wing,beak",turtle