Service commands

Service commands allow you to return data about the connector service and to control the connector.

If the ServicePort, ServiceStatusClients and ServiceControlClients settings are added to the [Service] section of the connector configuration file, the service port is enabled and will accept the following standard status and control commands:

GetConfig Returns the service’s configuration file settings.
GetLogStream Returns a specific log stream for the service.
GetLogStreamNames Returns the names of the log streams that have been set up for the service.
GetStatistics Returns statistics for the service.
GetStatus Returns the service’s status (running or stopped).
GetStatusInfo Returns status information for the service (for example, the service’s product name, version number and so on).
MergeConfig Merges a configuration file fragment with the service’s configuration file (this requires a POST request method). Alternatively, you can use it to set or delete individual configuration parameters.
SetConfig Sets the service’s configuration file. This command requires a POST request method.
Stop Stops the service.