When you import an XML document that contains HTML, it is assumed that the HTML will be escaped. Therefore, the HTML parsing is run twice by default (to return the file to HTML format and then to remove the HTML tagging).

Within an XML environment, sometimes the HTML parsing may strip too many tags off a given XML field. If this is the case, you can use ImportXMLStripTagsNTimes<N> to specify how many times you want to strip an XML field of HTML tags when it is imported.

If you have imported an XML field and it contains incorrect tagging, change the value that you have set for ImportXMLStripTagsNTimes<N> and re-import the document.


If a file contains the following string, stripping the HTML the default number of times (twice) would have the wrong effect:

<Keyword>pence &amp;pound; cent &amp; dollar</Keyword>

The XML is stripped, so that after the first pass of the HTML parser, the string is reduced to the following:

pence &pound; cent & dollar

This is the correct value. However, after the second pass of the HTML parser, the value changes to an incorrect value:

pence cent & dollar

Specifying ImportXMLStripTagsNTimes0=1 and re-importing the file corrects the above mistake.