Allows you to create an AutnRank field in documents. This stores a value that represents the document's importance. The document's rank is calculated based on its URL length or file type.

Use ImportFieldOpParam<N> to specify the values for ranking the URL and other file types in the following format:


Enter the value that you want to use for ranking the URL of the document. You can specify a value between 1 and 500 (inclusive). For each slash in the document URL, the URL rank value is deducted from the documentís overall rank.

Enter the extension of the file type to which you want to attribute a rank and the rank that you want to attribute to it. You can specify a value for the rank between 1 and 500 (inclusive). Documents that are <file_type> have the value that is specified by <rank> added to the document rank.



In this example, a documentís rank is decreased by 500 for every slash in the URL, the ranking of documents with the extension doc is increased by 100, and the ranking of documents with the extension pdf is increased by 80. The resultant rank for the document is stored in the field AutnRank