The import_into_this_document function imports the content of a file into a document.


import_into_this_document( doc, filename_specifier )


Argument Description
doc (LuaDocument) The document into which you want to import additional content.

(string) The content that you want to import into the document. You can specify:

  • the path of the file that you want to import.
  • the name of a document field that contains the file path.
  • the name of a document field that contains a URL.


    If you need to specify proxy settings so that CFS can access the URL, set the configuration parameters ProxyHost, ProxyPort, ProxyUsername, and ProxyPassword in the [Default] section of the CFS configuration file.

  • the name of a section in the HPE CFS configuration file that contains the settings to use for importing the content. For information about the configuration parameters you can set in this section, see ImportFile Task Parameters.


Boolean. Always returns true.


The following example imports the content of a file into the document. The path or URL to the file is specified in a document field named MyField.

import_into_this_document(document, "MyField")