TextToDocs Task Parameters

The parameters in this section customize the TextToDocs import task.

Restrict the documents that are processed
FilenameMatchesRegex<N> Restrict documents by file name.
ReferenceMatchesRegex<N> Restrict documents by document reference.
ContentContainsRegex<N> Restrict documents by their content.
FieldMatchesName<N> and FieldMatchesRegex<N> Restrict documents by the content of a field.
Define the content of the main document
IncludeMainDoc Specifies whether to create a main document (defaults to true).
MainRangeRegex<N> Define the main part of a document (including the content and metadata fields).
MainContentRegex<N> Define the content of the main document.
MainFieldName<N> and MainFieldRegex<N> Define metadata fields for the main document.
Define the content of the child documents
ChildrenRangeRegex<N> Define the part of the document that is split into one or more child documents.
ChildRangeRegex<N> Define the part of the document to split into a single child document.
ChildContentRegex<N> Define the content of a single child document.
ChildFieldName<N> and ChildFieldRegex<N> Define the name and content of a metadata field in the child document.
ChildInheritFields A comma-separated list of fields that are inherited by child documents from the original (not the main) document.
Find and replace data in the documents created by the task
ContentReplaceRegex<N> and ContentReplaceFormat<N> Find and replace data in both main and child documents.
FieldReplaceName<N>, FieldReplaceRegex<N> and FieldReplaceFormat<N> Find and replace data in document fields.
DateFieldName<N> and DateFieldFormat<N> Identify and replace date values with the date in another format.