The send_and_wait_for_async_aci_action method sends a query to an ACI server. The method does not return until the action has completed.

You might use this method when you want to use an asynchronous action. The send_aci_action method returns as soon as it receives a response, which for an asynchronous action means that it returns a token. The method send_and_wait_for_async_aci_action sends an action and then waits. It polls the server until the action is complete and then returns the response.

Argument Description
host (string) The ACI host to send the query to.
port (number) The ACI port to send the query to.
action (string) The name of the action to perform.
parameters (table) A Lua table containing the action parameters, for example, { param1="value1", param2="value2" }
timeout (number) The number of milliseconds to wait before timing out. The default is 60000 (1 minute).
retries (number) The number of times to retry if the connection fails. The default is 3.
sslParameters (table) A Lua table containing the SSL settings.


(String). Returns the XML response as a string. If required, you can call parse_xml on the string to return a LuaXmlDocument. If the request fails, it returns nil.

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