The write_json function writes a document to disk in JSON format. The document is appended to the file specified by the JsonWriterFilename argument.


write_json( doc, JsonWriterFilename
   [, JsonWriterArchiveDirectory, JsonWriterMaxSizeKBs] )


Argument Description
doc (LuaDocument) The document to write to the JSON file.
JsonWriterFilename (string) The filename of the output JSON file.
JsonWriterArchiveDirectory (string) The path to the directory where JSON files are archived when they exceed the size specified by JsonWriterMaxSizeKBs.
JsonWriterMaxSizeKBs (integer) The maximum size of JSON files, in kilobytes. When the file specified by JsonWriterFilename exceeds this size it is moved to the archive directory specified by JsonWriterArchiveDirectory. A timestamp is added to the file name so that it has a unique name.


Boolean. Returns true if the file was created successfully, and false otherwise.


function handler(document)
   write_json(document, "MyTask.jsn", "./JSONarchive", 1024 )
   return true