The write_idx function writes a document to disk as an IDX file. If you specify the name of an existing IDX file, the document is appended to the file.


write_idx( doc, outputFilename [, archiveDirectory [, maxSizeKBs
   [, shouldUseSections]]] )


Argument Description
doc (LuaDocument) The document to be written to an IDX file.
outputFilename (string) The filename of the output IDX file.
archiveDirectory (string) The folder to which IDX files are archived when they reach the maximum size. The default folder is the current directory (.)
maxSizeKBs (integer) The maximum size of an IDX file (in kilobytes) before it is archived. To specify no maximum size, use the value -1. This is the default setting.

(string) Specifies whether to divide the document into sections.

  • True. Divide the document into sections.
  • False. Do not divide the document into sections. This is the default setting.
  • Empty string. Use the default settings for sectioning.


Boolean. Returns true if the IDX file was created successfully, and false otherwise.


function handler(document)
   return write_idx(document, "my_new_idx_file")
function handler(document)
   local was_idx_written = write_idx(document,
          "idx_files/main_file.idx", "archive_idx_files", 1024, "true")
   return was_idx_written