The send_http_request function sends a HTTP request.


send_http_request( params )


Argument Description
params (table) Named parameters that configure the HTTP request. The table maps parameter names (String) to parameter values. For information about the parameters that you can set, see the following table. For information about how to use named parameters refer to the Connector Framework Server Administration Guide.

Named Parameters

Named Parameter Description
url (string) The full URL for the HTTP request. If provided as a named parameter, the other parameters used to build the URL are not used.
method (string) The HTTP method to use ("GET", "POST", or "DELETE"). The default is "GET".
content (string) For HTTP POST, the data to be sent with the post.
site (string) The site to which the HTTP request is sent.
port (integer) The port to which the HTTP request is sent. By default, the request is sent to port 80.
uri (string) The URI to request.
params (table) Additional parameters for the request. The table must map parameter names to parameter values.
section (string) The name of a section in the CFS configuration file that contains transport related parameters such as SSL or Proxy settings.


String. The HTTP response.


local wikipedia_page = send_http_request(
   {url = "" ..
local google_search = send_http_request(
   {site = "", port = 80, uri = "/search",
   params = {q = "http protocol", safe = "active"}} )