The send_email (or send_smtp_email) function sends an e-mail message. You can use this function to alert people that events have taken place.


send_email( params )


Argument Description
params (table) Named parameters that configure the e-mail to be sent. The table maps parameter names (String) to parameter values. For information about the parameters that you can set, see the following table. For information about how to use named parameters refer to the Connector Framework Server Administration Guide.

Named Parameters

Named Parameter Description Configuration Parameter
section (string) The name of a section in the CFS configuration file. If you set this then any parameters not set in the parameters table are read from this section of the configuration file.  
host (string) The host name or IP address of the SMTP server to use to send the message. SMTPServer
port (number) The port of the SMTP server. By default, the function uses port 25. SMTPPort
from_host (string) The host name from which the e-mail is being sent. This will form part of the metadata in the outgoing e-mail message, but is not required. SMTPFromHost
from (string) The e-mail address that the message will appear to have been sent from. SMTPFrom
reply_to (string) The reply-to address for the e-mail message. If you do not specify a value, the from address is used. SMTPReplyTo
to (table) An array of the e-mail addresses to which the e-mail is sent. SMTPTo
cc (table) An array of the e-mail addresses to which a copy of the e-mail is sent. SMTPCC
bcc (table) An array of the e-mail addresses to which a blind copy of the e-mail is sent. SMTPBCC
subject (string) The subject of the e-mail message. SMTPSubject
content (string) The content of the e-mail message. SMTPContent
attachments (table) An array of the names of files to attach to the e-mail. SMTPAttachments
content_type (string) The content type of the e-mail message ("text/plain" or "text/html"). By default, the function uses "text/plain". SMTPContentType


If the e-mail is sent, the function returns true. Otherwise, nothing is returned.