The send_agent_query function queries an IDOL server for agents matching the provided document.


send_agent_query( doc [, params] )


Argument Description
doc (LuaDocument) The document for which you want to find agents.
params (table) Named parameters that configure the query. The table maps parameter names (String) to parameter values. For information about the parameters that you can set, see the following table. For information about how to use named parameters refer to the Connector Framework Server Administration Guide.

Named Parameters

Named Parameter Description Configuration Parameter
section (string) The name of a section in the CFS configuration file. If you set this then any parameters not set in the parameters table are read from this section of the configuration file.  
host (string) The host name or IP address of the IDOL Server. Host
port (integer) The ACI port of the IDOL Server. Port
fields (table) The fields in the document to use when searching for agents. This takes the form of a table which maps field names in the document to field names in the query.  
field_boolean (string) The method used to join the field specifications. Must be "AND", "OR", "XOR", "EOR", or "NOT".  
query_with_full_document (boolean) To use the full document in the query, set this argument to true. If you use the full document, the fields and field_boolean arguments are ignored. The default value is false.  
extra_parameters (table) Additional parameters to include in the query. This takes the form of a table that maps action parameters to specific values.  
ssl_section (string) The name of the section in the CFS configuration file that contains SSL settings for outgoing communication with the IDOL Server. SSLConfig


String. The XML response from IDOL, detailing any matching agents. You must use parse_agent_response to convert the response into a usable form (see parse_agent_response).


local agent_response = send_agent_query(
   document, {host = "server", port = 9090,
   fields = {DRETITLE = "training", DRECONTENT = "training"}})