The ChildFieldName<N> and ChildFieldRegex<N> parameters name and populate a document field in a child document.

The document field named in the ChildFieldName<N> parameter is populated by the content identified by the ChildFieldRegex<N> parameter. Each pair of parameters produces a single document field.

The data used to populate the field must be in the range defined by the ChildRangeRegex parameter.

The regular expressions used in the ChildFieldRegex parameter can contain sub-matches (enclosed in parentheses). If multiple sub-matches are found, they are concatenated (separated by spaces).

Type: String
Default: None
Required No
Configuration Section: Any section that you have defined for TextToDocs settings
Example: ChildFieldName1=Description
ChildFieldRegex1=<p class="description">(.*)</p>
See Also: ChildFieldName<N>