The SectionerSeparatorsN parameter specifies the fixed strings or regular expressions that the Sectioner import task uses to identify a suitable location in the content for inserting a section break. For example, you might prefer to split content on paragraph breaks "%0A%0A". If there was a large amount of content without paragraph breaks, the Sectioner import task would revert to splitting on punctuation.

A separator string can be specified as a fixed string or as a regular expression. A separator is treated as a regular expression if it begins with an open parenthesis “(“ and ends with closed parenthesis “)”. Fixed strings and regular expressions specified in the configuration are URL unescaped before use; this allows you to specify multi-byte and special characters.

Each SectionerSeparatorsN is a comma-separated list of possibly URL escaped separators. Separators in an earlier SectionSeparators list have priority over those later. Separators towards the left of a comma-separated list have priority over those toward the right.

Backslashes in a regular expression must appear in the configuration as “\\”. Commas in separators must be URL escaped as “%2C” or escaped as “\,”.

SectionSeparators 0, 1, and 2 are set by default if none are specified in the configuration. If any SectionerSeparators are specified in the configuration, the defaults do not apply.

Type: String
Default: SectionerSeparators0=%0A%0A
Required No
Configuration Section: The configured section or Sectioning
Example: SectionerSeparators0=%0A%0A