A comma-separated list of separators. The document content is split at every occurrence of any of these separators. The current section will end immediately after the separator and a new section is created for the following content. If a mandatory separator is found in the document, the minimum section length (SectionerMinBytes) and maximum number of sections (MaxSections) are ignored.

If the separator is not enclosed in brackets then it is treated as a literal string. The content is split wherever this string occurs.

If the separator is enclosed in brackets then it is treated as a regular expression. The document is split wherever a match is found for this regular expression in the content.

In the example, the content is split wherever the phrase "SECTION END" occurs, and wherever the regular expression "Page \d+" is matched.

Type: String
Default: There are no default mandatory separators
Required No
Configuration Section: The configured section or Sectioning
Example: MandatorySeparators=SECTION END,(Page \d+)
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