Displays the name, type, and value for all of the variables in the local scope of the current function.

Note: This command only displays variables that have standard Lua data types. Any C data types, such as the document object, are not listed. To see the value of a field in the document object, create a Lua variable to hold the value.

Note: You can only use this command when Lua execution is paused, for example by a breakpoint or as a result of the break command. To set a breakpoint, use the set-breakpoint command.


Type: Synchronous


Parameter Name Description Required
Session To return the variables for a single session, instead of every session, set this parameter to the session ID. You can retrieve a session ID by using the get-status command. No
Include-metatables To display metatables for the variables that are listed, set this parameter to true. No




<autnresponse xmlns:autn="">
      <session id="1e37b4cfbbcf580e1918f5d7bed36651">
          <local name="side1" type="number">3</local> 
          <local name="side2" type="number">4</local> 
          <local name="hypotenuse" type="number">5</local>