The Ingest action is used for passing documents and document metadata to CFS. Ingest is an asynchronous action.


The Ingest action takes the following parameters:

Parameter Name Description
adds An XML string containing the documents to be ingested by CFS.
removes A comma separated list of references for documents that should be deleted from IDOL.
updates An XML string containing data that should be updated in IDOL.


The following XML is a sample response from the Ingest action:

<autnresponse xmlns:autn=''>

The Ingest action is an asynchronous action, so the response is a token. You can use the QueueInfo Action to retrieve the status of the action and the response when it is finished:

	<queued_time>2012-Feb-16 11:18:10</queued_time>
	<process_start_time>2012-Feb-16 11:18:10</process_start_time>
	<process_end_time>2012-Feb-16 11:23:00</process_end_time>