The GetStatus action is used to get information about the current state of CFS. GetStatus is a synchronous action. It takes no parameters and returns the following values:

Value Description
product The name of the product.
version The product version.
build The product build.
aciport The ACI port used by CFS.
serviceport The service port used by CFS.
directory The running directory.
acithreads The number of threads configured for ACI commands.

The attributes in the ingest tag count the number of requests made to CFS.

  • Calls is the total number of requests.
  • Adds is the total number of add requests.
  • Updates is the total number of update requests.
  • Removes is the total number of remove requests.
nodes The number of documents waiting to be collected into an index batch (the number of documents that CFS has finished importing).
importactive The number of documents currently being imported.
importpending The number of documents waiting to be imported.
keyviewmemory The amount of memory allocated to the KeyView process.

Details about the number of documents imported. The import tag contains the following attributes:

  • Queued is the number of documents that were added to the import queue.
  • Started is the number of documents that started the import process.
  • Finished is the number of documents that were imported successfully.
  • Cancelled is the total number of documents that were canceled during the import process. Documents are canceled if you use a Pre or Post import task to run a Lua script, and the script returns false.

Note: GetStatus is an administrative action that you can send only from Connector Framework Server AdminClients (which you set in the Connector Framework Server configuration file [Server] section).


This action uses port 7000 to request details about Connector Framework Server, which is located on a machine with the IP address


The following XML is a sample response from the GetStatus action:

      <product>Connector Framework</product>
      <ingest calls="1" adds="1"/>
      <import queued="2" started="2" finished="2"/>