Updates Parameter

The updates parameter updates a document's metadata without updating the content. Updates are specified using XML similar to that for adds. The following table describes the XML elements that you can use for each update.

XML element Description

The update element describes a single document that should be updated. To update multiple documents, use further update sections.

This must contain a reference, and can optionally contain metadata and xmlmetadata.

reference (required)

The reference element is used to provide a unique reference (DREREFERENCE) for the document to be updated.

metadata (optional)

The metadata element is used to provide a key value pair describing the metadata to be updated.

  • name is the name of the metadata field
  • value is the value of the field
xmlmetadata (optional)

The xmlmetadata element contains any XML metadata that should be updated.


      <metadata name="LASTMODIFIED" value="2009-Apr-06 10:21:15.032472" />

      <metadata name="LASTMODIFIED" value="2010-Jun-14 13:52:24.041742" />