Install IDOL Admin

You must install IDOL Admin on the same host that the ACI server or component is installed on. To set up a component to use IDOL Admin, you must configure the location of the admin.dat file and enable Cross Origin Resource Sharing.

To install IDOL Admin

  1. Stop the ACI server.

  2. Save the admin.dat file to any directory on the host.

  3. Using a text editor, open the ACI server or component configuration file. For the location of the configuration file, see the ACI server documentation.

  4. In the [Paths] section of the configuration file, set the AdminFile parameter to the location of the admin.dat file. If you do not set this parameter, the ACI server attempts to find the admin.dat file in its working directory when you call the IDOL Admin interface.

  5. Enable Cross Origin Resource Sharing.

  6. In the [Service] section, add the Access-Control-Allow-Origin parameter and set its value to the URLs that you want to use to access the interface.

    Each URL must include:

    Note: URLs can contain the https:// prefix if the ACI server or component has SSL enabled.

    Separate multiple URLs with spaces.

    For example, you could specify different URLs for the local host and remote hosts:


    Alternatively, you can set Access-Control-Allow-Origin=*, which allows you to access IDOL Admin using any valid URL (for example, localhost, direct IP address, or the host name). The wildcard character (*) is supported only if no other entries are specified.

    If you do not set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin parameter, IDOL Admin can communicate only with the server’s ACI port, and not the index or service ports.

  7. Start the ACI server.

You can now access IDOL Admin (see Access IDOL Admin).