Start the Connector

After you have installed and configured a connector, you are ready to run it. Start the connector using one of the following methods.

Start the Connector on Windows

To start the connector using Windows Services

  1. Open the Windows Services dialog box.
  2. Select the connector service, and click Start.
  3. Close the Windows Services dialog box.

To start the connector by running the executable

Start the Connector on UNIX

To start the connector on a UNIX operating system, follow these steps.

To start the connector using the UNIX start script

  1. Change to the installation directory.
  2. Enter the following command:

  3. If you want to check the Yammer Connector service is running, enter the following command:

    ps -aef | grep ConnectorInstallName

    This command returns the Yammer Connector service process ID number if the service is running.