Configure an Event Handler

To configure an event handler, follow these steps.

To configure an event handler

  1. Stop the connector.
  2. Open the connector’s configuration file in a text editor.
  3. Use the OnStart, OnFinish, or OnError parameter to specify the name of a section in the configuration file that contains event handler settings for the corresponding event.

  4. Create a new section in the configuration file to contain the settings for your event handler. You must name the section using the name you specified with the OnStart, OnFinish, or OnError parameter.
  5. In the new section, set the following parameters.


    (Required) The name of the library to use as the event handler. You can write your own event handler, or use one of the internal event handlers:

    • To write event data to a text file, set this parameter to TextFileHandler, and then set the FilePath parameter to specify the path of the file.
    • To send event data to a URL, set this parameter to HttpHandler, and then use the HTTP event handler parameters to specify the URL, proxy server settings, credentials and so on.
    • To run a Lua script, set this parameter to LuaHandler, and then set the LuaScript parameter to specify the path to the Lua script.

    For example:

  6. Save and close the configuration file.