Set Up Document Tracking

Document tracking reports metadata about documents when they pass through various stages in the indexing process. For example, when a connector finds a new document and sends it for ingestion, a document tracking event is created that shows the document has been added. Document tracking can help you detect problems with the indexing process.

You can write document tracking events to a database, log file, or IDOL Server. For information about how to set up a database to store document tracking events, refer to the IDOL Server Administration Guide.

To enable Document Tracking

  1. Open the connector's configuration file.
  2. Create a new section in the configuration file, named [DocumentTracking].
  3. In the new section, specify where the document tracking events are sent.

    For more information about the parameters you can use to configure document tracking, refer to the Yammer Connector Reference.

  4. Save and close the configuration file.