Send Data to Haven OnDemand

This section describes how to configure ingestion into Haven OnDemand.

To send data to Haven OnDemand

  1. Stop the connector.
  2. Open the connector’s configuration file in a text editor.
  3. In the [Ingestion] section, set the following parameters:

    EnableIngestion To enable ingestion, set this parameter to true.
    IngesterType To send data to Haven OnDemand, set this parameter to HavenOnDemand.
    HavenOnDemandApiKey The API Key to use to index documents into Haven OnDemand. You can obtain the key from your Haven OnDemand account.
    HavenOnDemandIndexName The name of the Haven OnDemand text index to index documents into.
    IngestSSLConfig The name of a section in the connector's configuration file that contains SSL settings for connecting to the ingestion server. The connection to Haven OnDemand must be made over TLS. For more information about sending documents to the ingestion server over TLS, see Configure Outgoing SSL Connections.

    For example:

    HavenOnDemandApiKey=[Your API Key]
  4. Save and close the configuration file.