Configure Outgoing SSL Connections

To configure the connector to send data to other components (for example Connector Framework Server) over SSL, follow these steps.

To configure outgoing SSL connections

  1. Open the Yammer Connector configuration file in a text editor.
  2. Specify the name of a section in the configuration file where the SSL settings are provided:

  3. Create a new section in the configuration file. The name of the section must match the name you specified in the IngestSSLConfig or SSLConfig parameter. Then specify the SSL settings to use.

    SSLMethod The SSL protocol to use.
    SSLCertificate (Optional) The SSL certificate to use (in PEM format).
    SSLPrivateKey (Optional) The private key for the SSL certificate (in PEM format).

    For example:

  4. Save and close the configuration file.
  5. Restart the connector.