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[TaskName] Section
The [TaskName] section contains configuration parameters that only apply to a specific job. There must be a [TaskName] section for every task listed in the [FetchTasks] section. A parameter specified in a [TaskName] section overrides the same parameter defined in the [Default] section.
For example:
0=<your job name here>
[<your job name here>]
ConnectionString = <your connection string here>
//e.g. <username>/<password>@<tnsname> or <username>/<password>@<dnsname>=
//If encryption is necessary, encrypt the entire connection string, not just the password.=
//Other standard methods of providing oracle connection strings should also be acceptable.=
Template = <your template file name>
PrimaryKeys = <csv of your primary key field names>
//The keys should not have table-name qualification. This parameter is only used to create identifiers to=
//enable collects, so the value will have no effect on a synchronize.=
SQL = <your complete sql statement>