Parameter and Command Reference > Secure Socket Layer Parameters > SSLConfig 

Identifies the configuration section in which the SSL configuration details are specified, usually SSLOptionN. You must set this parameter if you are using SSL connections between components.
To control incoming ACI calls, set this parameter in the [Server] or [Default] section.
To control outgoing ACI calls, set this parameter in another component section, such as [DataDRE], [CatDRE], or a connector Job section.
The section in which you set SSLConfig depends on whether you are using a distributed architecture and on which component you are configuring. For example, in a standalone Category configuration, you can set SSLConfig in the [Server], [DataDRE], [CatDRE], and [CommunityServer] sections.
See each component’s documentation for more information.
Server or Default, or other section for outgoing communications