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Hold and ReleaseHold Fetch Actions
The Hold action places a hold on a document or documents in the repository by their identifier. When a document has been placed on hold, it cannot be deleted by a regular user.
The ReleaseHold action releases a document that has been placed on hold.
Type: Asynchronous
Optional Base64 encoded configuration file. If this parameter is specified, then the encoded configuration options is used instead of the options in the connector configuration file.
A CSV of document Identifiers. The documents with these identifiers is placed on hold or released from hold depending on whether you used the Hold or Release Hold action.
As this is an asynchronous action, you receive a token in response to the request. A sample response to the action (as retrieved using the queueinfo action) appears below.
This response shows that one document was successfully put on hold.
   added="0"          collected="0"       deleted="0"
   errors="0"         holds="1"           ingestadded="0"
   ingestdeleted="0"  ingestfailed="0"    ingestupdated="0"
   inserted="0"       releasedholds="0"   seen="0"
   task="DIR1"        unchanged="0"       updated="0"/>
   PGlkIHM9IkRJUjEiIHI9IkM6XEF1dG9ub215XEZpbGVTeXN0ZW1Db25uZWN0b3J   DRlNcZGlyMVxuZXdmaWxlLnR4dCIvPg==
 <queued_time>2009-Oct-15 16:43:17</queued_time>
 <process_start_time>2009-Oct-15 16:43:17</process_start_time>
 <process_end_time>2009-Oct-15 16:43:17</process_end_time>