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Synchronize Groups Fetch Action
This action is used to search a repository for Group updates and send these updates to an Ingestion module.
Type: Asynchronous
Optional Base64 encoded configuration file. If this parameter is specified, then the encoded configuration options is used instead of the options in the connector configuration file.
The names of the task sections to use to perform synchronization. If this parameter is unspecified, all configured task sections are used.
The sections should include the GroupServerHost and GroupServerPort parameters as a minimum in addition to any connector-specifc parameters.
A sample response appears below. In this example, two tasks were performed as part of the synchronize groups (GROUPS1 and GROUPS2).
 <queued_time>2009-Oct-15 14:44:32</queued_time>
 <process_start_time>2009-Oct-15 14:44:32</process_start_time>
 <process_end_time>2009-Oct-15 14:44:35</process_end_time>