The existsByPath method checks whether a specified path exists in the JSON object.


existsByPath( path )


Argument Description
path (string) The path to check. Construct the path from array indexes and object attribute names, and use a slash (/) as the separator. If an object attribute name includes a slash, then escape the slash with a backslash, for example "one\\/two". Notice that you must also escape a backslash with another backslash.


(Boolean) Returns true if the path exists, false otherwise.


Consider the following JSON:

  "product": "IDOL",
  "component": "CFS",
  "version": { "major": 11, "minor": 3 },
  "ports": [
    { "type": "ACI", "number": 7000 },
    { "type": "Service", "number": 17000 }

If this JSON is represented by an object named myJsonObject, you could use the existsByPath method as follows:

print (myJsonObject:existsByPath("ports/0/type"))
-- true (LuaJsonArrays are zero-indexed)

print (myJsonObject:existsByPath("ports/2/type") )
-- false (LuaJsonArrays are zero-indexed, and there is no third value)

print (myJsonObject:existsByPath("version/major"))
-- true

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