Use this function to return a list of initial feed URLs with optional function prefixes. All subsequent function calls relating to a particular feed URL would require the specified function prefix. The URLs can point to any XML or JSON content (JSON is converted to XML by the connector). At this stage it is not necessary to assign all changeable parameters in the URL (for example paging parameters); these can be assigned in the getFeedUrlParameters and getNextUrlParameters functions.

This return type allows a more flexible structure for returning multiple entries with prefixes. It returns a Lua table, but the table can contain a mixture of plain values, keys with values, or keys with lists of values. These can be in any combination (with the only constraint that the keys must be unique).

{ "value1",
  key2={"value3", "value4"}



feedUrls (list:{string} or table:{string->string} or table:{string->list:{string}})

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function getFeedUrls()
   return { "http://...", prefix1="http://...", prefix2={"http://...", "http://..."} }