Use this function to validate downloads and report or handle download failures. The optional return values allow the download content or error code to be modified if the function is able to resolve any issues.

Unlike all the other functions, if the feed should be processed with a function prefix but this prefixed function does not exist, it will instead call postProcessDownload.

The return values can be:


The connector will always throw if this function returns or defaults to an error code 300 or greater. The connector will also throw if the resulting content format is not valid XML or JSON.

Inputs: url (string), httperr (number), content (string)
Outputs: [NONE] or httperr (number) or content (string) or httperr,content (number,string)
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function postProcessDownload(url, httperr, content)
   print(httperr, url)
   if httperr >= 300 then