Definable Lua Functions Overview

The Lua scripts can define any subset of the functions described below. The functions are separated into 4 groups:

The CONFIG and FEEDURL functions take no arguments (except for [prefix_]postProcessDownload).

All FEED functions take a LuaXmlDocument as a single argument, this provides functions xml:XPathExecute, xml:XPathValues and xml:XPathValue for manually extracting content from the XML.

All ENTRY functions take a LuaXmlDocument and also a Document. The Document provides all normal functions like document:setFieldValue and document:appendContent.

Most of the functions can have an optional prefix to the function name that can be used to indicate the type of feed the functions can apply to. These functions are defined below with names in the format "[prefix_]functionName". A prefix defined as "myPrefix" would result in function names like "myPrefix_functionName". Where no prefix is defined, the function "functionName" would be called.

Where a prefix is in play, only functions with a matching prefix will be called (except for postProcessDownload).

A prefix can become in play for a feed or entry if a function returned a URL or XPath assigned to that prefix; any function calls relating to the URL or XPath would use this prefix.